Authorized Repair Center

As an authorized dealer and repair center, we will handle any equipment for you that still falls under warranty. Should your equipment need direct handling by the manufacturer, we’ll take care of the process for you!

Air Tank Inspection

We recommend that equipment be serviced annually, and air tanks be visually inspected every year. A Hydrostatic test for air tanks are required every 5 years.

Equipment Servicing

We repair regulators (1st & 2nd stage), Divator (AGA) full face masks, wetsuits, and drysuits! SCUBA equipment is your life-line while underwater, and we make it our duty to ensure proper servicing of your gear.

Prompt Notification

We will promptly notify you once repairs are complete. Although repair time will vary case by case, we will do everything in our ability to ensure quick turn-around time and peace of mind.


The Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) recommends the burst disc be replaced every 5 years or after hydrostatic testing. In order to comply, we now change the burst disc when the hydrostatic test is performed.

RegulatorsSingle Hose $70.00 + Parts (if out of warranty)
Octopus $35.00+ Parts (if out of warranty)
Buoyancy Compensation Device BCD $35.00+ Parts (if out of warranty)
Valves "K" $45.00+ Parts (if out of warranty)
Valves "J" $50.00+ Parts (if out of warranty)
Hydrostatic Test Hydrostatic test, Eddy Test, Visual Inspection, Replacement of both O-rings & burst disc. $59.00
Visual Inspection Includes both O-rings & air fill $17.00
Double Yokes [1/2] $90.00 + Parts (if out of warranty)
Double Yokes [3/4] $80.00 + Parts (if out of warranty)
Air Fills 3,000 PSI $7.00
NITROX 32%-36% O2 $15.00
Air Card 10 Fills $60.00
Life Time Air Card Per Tank $300.00
SARTEK Valve Clean, Lube, & Rebuild $25.00 + Parts
AGA Mask Service Demand Regulator $120.00 Annual Service Kit (Parts), Flow Test, Labor
AGA Mask Service +Pressure Regulator $235.00 Annual Service Kit (Parts), Flow Test, Labor

Plan Ahead

It can be pretty easy to hang up the gear after a trip, and not touch it again for quite some time. Before you go on your next vacation, be sure to get it inspected well before your next trip.

Although we may accomodate customers who are in need of expedient service, it’s impossible to perform a thorough repair the day before a trip!

Your SCUBA equipment is your life-line while underwater, and it’s our duty as a training and safety facility to ensure your equipment is in working order

Regulator Repairs

Regulators & Octopus backups are repaired on-site for most brands. There can be cases where we will need to send some regulators to the manufacturer for repair; in these cases, the customer will be notified. The base repair cost is as follows, and is subject to change:
  • Single-Hose Regulators - $60 + Parts
  • Octopus - $30 + Parts

We service and repair the following brands: Apeks, Aqua Lung, Atomic, Genesis, Interspiro, Mares, Scuba Pro, Sherwood, and Zeagle.

Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD) Repairs

Yes! Even a BCD needs an occasional servicing! Dump valves can easily get clogged with silt or other debris from various dives; among other issues which can arise.

It's important for a diver to know that all of their equipment is in top working order. If you're not too sure, we're here to help!