Summer ERD 2018 Courses

It’s that time of year. As the weather breaks and the beaches open: It becomes especially important to take water safety seriously. Whether you’re in the open ocean, the Great Lakes, or in your very own pool. We take this time of year - at Lake County Divers Supply - to hit the water a little harder than most. Our summer Emergency Response Diving International classes are in full swing this year, and registration is open to Emergency Service Personnel as well as civilians.

ERDi Public Safety Classes

Courses include Search & Recovery Patterns, River Diving, team coordination, best practices, and skill assessment. Divers will have their strength and endurance tested both physical and mental, with a 100% focus on diver safety. We highly encourage any Police and Fire service men and women to enlist in the course, once they have completed their Open Water Training. This summer’s ERD classes will be hosted on June 23rd through June 25th, starting at 8 a.m. until each class session finishes.

Classes Online & In-House

LCDS specializes in safety minded training. From children ages 10 and up, to the instructor in training: Lake County Divers Supply will ensure that you will learn how to dive with absolute confidence and comfort.

If you schedule doesn't permit you to be in the classrom, we offer online courses which can be completed at your convenience.

Gear for All Watersports

From swimming in the pool to 150ft underwater, LCDS has what you need no matter what you're doing in the water. Lake County Divers Supply has been supplying our community for their diving needs for almost 30 years, and now we're bringing our store to you online!

Even if you're not diving, we offer plenty of items for both in and out of the water

Commercial & Municipality

With a proven track record for supplying, servicing, and supporting SCUBA needs across the country. We fully specialize in Emergency Rescue, Hazmat, and any scope required by small and large scale diving teams.

If you are in the process of assembling or coordinating a dive team, we offer consultation on form, education, and equipment. When it comes to professional diver training and safety: No-one is as adamant about the safety of your divers, as Lake County Divers Supply.

Diving opens the world like nothing else can, and cavern diving is no exception. Here's just a small glimpse of what you'll find under the waters.

Lake County Divers Supply occasionally offers unique dive trips, and we're already planning our 2015 trip. Stay tuned!

SCUBA equipment must be regularly maintained to ensure proper operation. Regularly serviced equipment helps counteract normal wear-and-tear as well as prevent catastrophic failure of a device.

Lake County Divers Supply will help to ensure that your Dive Gear is in top performing condition.

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You do not necessarily need to own every piece of SCUBA equipment in order to learn how to dive. We offer a wide variety of wetsuits, tanks, BCDs and more for rent as long as you need for whatever you need.

Our doors are always open, and our fellow divers always have interesting stories to tell. Lake County Divers Supply is a family run business that was founded out of need from the communty, for the community.

We invite you to see what our fellow divers, students, and instructors have to say about their experiences. If you want to submit something to us, we may feature it on our site!